Beer Club

The Beer Club is a journey through the world of wonderful beers. To that end, rewards are given for attaining numeric levels of different beers tasted. Membership is ONLY $20 to sign up initially. Your first 20 oz draught beer is free when you join. Any specials for Beer Club members will begin at 5:00 on Mondays. During that time, the Beer Club Member Card is the member’s ticket to any specials that are taking place. Currently we give 50% OFF ALL BEER to our members during this time.  The only exception is bottled beer over $15, then the discount is 25%.  Members can add beers to their Beer Club Member Card during any visit to Victoria, at any time of the day, in any area of the restaurant as long as they have their Card with them.

Draught beers must be 20 oz. pints (unless we don’t offer that beer in 20 oz. because of alcohol content, availability, etc.) in order to qualify. Both bottled and draught beers may only count one time each (no sharing). If two members are sharing one beer, only one member will get the credit for that beer. If the same beer is offered in bottle and on draught, then that beer may count twice on your Member Card. Happy Hour draught and bottled beers do NOT count towards beer club points. You will receive 2 points for every Manor Hill Beer you try for the first time and you will receive 1 point for every repeat Manor Hill beer you drink.

Reward levels do not reset annually, but continue to accrue and rewards are as follows:

Level # of Beers Reward
Lambic 25 beers $10 Victoria Gift Card
Dunkel Weisse 50 beers $25 Victoria Gift Card
Scotch Ale 100 beers $50 Victoria Gift Card
Eisbock 250 beers $100 Victoria Gift Card and your name on the Eisbock Plaque in the Pub Area forever
Belgian Quad 500 beers 4 free tickets to any beer event and your name on the Belgian Quad Plaque in the Pub Area forever
VIP 1000 beers 10% off your beverages consumed in the Pub Area for life and your name on an Individual Plaque in the Pub Area forever


What do I need to do to join?

Simply pay the initial dues of $20, receive your passport and loyalty card, and begin enjoying great beer!

What do I get for the $20?

Your first draught free, Monday Member specials and events, level achievement rewards, discounts on ALL of our monthly tasting events, and a whole lot of fun!

How am I going to get to 1,000 beers, when you don’t even have 300 right now?

Our beer line-up changes constantly and we are committed to an evolving selection. If you want to get to 1,000, we won’t hold you back!

What if I forget or lose my Beer Club Member Card?

If you forget your member card, we will NOT be able to add the beer from that visit onto your card. It must be added at the time that you order that specific beer. If you lose your member card, we can issue you a new card for a $10 fee.

Where have you been all my life?

We’ll be there for you from now on!